Millennium Of Magnificence will entertain you!


We are pleased to find your interest in the “Millennium of Magnificence” a journey to a world entertaining massive transformation purpose to save the world! SOS:                                          Save Our Ship, spaceship earth.                        Save Our Society, humanity.                            Sustainability Our Salvation. Spirit Outer Space. A movement, an Eranos challenge, a new renaissance of mixed reality, virtual & live entertainment & technology, Smart Con., trade shows for purpose. public, private individuals and enterprise motivate corporations, governments to greatly emerge, to doing the right thing to save our society, humanity from an unsustainable cliff, peak resources in a finite world of resources. These historical lessons in the cycle of rise and falls of civilizations, none has ever endured. It is a choice and a decision we must make for the millennium.


The “Millennium of Magnificence" on its celebration quest, fashions policy for a world fund, the radiance fund, bringing order out of chaos in a proposal for the world, a cultural transformation inspiring a new golden age, stimulating sustainability, a new renaissance for a wonder of the world. We are aligning abundance in the few magnificent in modesty for civilization, a beginning, healing, giving "Virtue Back to Nature," technology enhancing nature moving entertainment together to personal, business & real estate developing sustainable communities, smart cities, an idea polis, the ultimate lab, tower of ART across the globe, destinations as infrastructures, connecting, lifting boundaries, creating industry for business and jobs, developing new territory on earth & sky. We must design together a global resource management cooperative while we perpetually seek solutions.

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Our purpose of Virtue, Ethics, the ultimate choice in happiness, having noble values in connection, energy, individuation, healing, sustainability, peace and harmony heals as the nu-impresarios, solutionist & royaleers in a global gala, eranos in a community in entertainment and technology take the ethereal, using the intellectual, driving the material transcending boundaries, dissolving the growing disparities in life, inspiring a fresh sense of community, a cultural transformation manifesting a wonderful radiant world, a golden age stimulating sustainability raising a new renaissance for a wonder of the world.


"I really think what you guys have is a great purpose to die for and it will be really fun." -- Ms. Roberts, Manhattan, New York

"This is a real winner, the future generations are going to remember you." -- The Queen, London, England

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